Help your customers move house without the hassle.

Selectra can walk you and your clients through the vital steps of moving house. We’ll help you create a unique moving experience that makes your agency stand out.

94% of Selectra customers have rated us "Excellent" - TrustPilot

What advantages do we offer agencies?

Helping customers sign up to the latest deals

Your clients will have access to the best deals on the market: insurance, energy, broadband, according to their needs, and they are free to choose what suits them best. Selectra then helps them sign up. And you are always in the know.

Save your clients 6 hours

Expert local agent available 24/7

Specialists in managing moving supplies that will dedicate 100% of their time to helping your clients.

Save your clients 6 hours

Improve the moving experience of your clients

Thanks to the personalised advice, Selectra guarantees that every client will sign up to their perfect deal, allowing them to make savings.

Save your clients 6 hours

Easy extra commission

Commission is paid to the real estate agent with a base on tailored contracts for your clients.

Save your clients 6 hours

How does it work?

Are you the manager of a real estate agency or are interested in real estate?

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Leading service with more than +300 real estate professionals.

Here’s what the managers at our rental estate partners have to say:

“This service has allowed me to give my staff a small commission incentive for helping their clients.”
Antoine M. - Rental Agency Director
“Prior to using Selectra’s services, we would constantly receive calls from the previous tenants advising us that the new tenants hadn’t set up their energy contract. Thanks to Selectra, the tenants are accompanied to ensure they complete the procedures in due time.”
Fabian Bruna - Rental Agency Director
“It reassures our clients to go through our agency knowing someone competent will look after them throughout their move.”
Myriam L. - Real Estate Director

Are you the manager of a real estate agency or are interested in real estate?

Request more information and become our partner!

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Why is Selectra’s service free?
Thanks to our numerous energy and telecoms partners, Selectra can direct your clients to the best offers for them. We are paid directly by our partners when a client signs up to a contract.
When is the best moment to offer Selectra’s services to my clients?
The best time is 15 days from when your client moves into their new home or property after signing their rental agreement or deed.
What type of clients will be interested in Selectra’s services?
All of your clients who have already found a house but haven’t moved in yet, whether they have bought the property or are renting.
How do I know my clients have signed up with Selectra?
When they register, the client will receive an exclusive number for your agency that will allow you to keep track of your client’s actions on a dashboard.